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Chaff BEP-11

Chaff BEP-11
  • Chaff BEP-11
  • Chaff BEP-11
  • Chaff BEP-11
  • Chaff BEP-11
  • Chaff BEP-11
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


Our company has been selling Straw BEP-11 . This chaff-cutter perfect for chopping the straw, which can then be briquetted and granulated.

Chaff is used mainly in farms for chopping straw for the production of litter for animals or birds, feed preparation, etc. Raw materials, which is obtained after grinding can also be used in the production of mushroom mycelium. Mass, which was formed after grinding is excellent for the production of fuel from straw pallets and briquettes.

Straw chopper can be fed directly into the finished feed trays pelletizing or briquetting.

Chaff is also installed on the starter with the electric cable 5 m and thermal protection.

At the output feed fraction and performance depend on the diameter of the sieve, which is arranged. You may also wish to buy additional screens of various fractions crushing. For a 10 mm sieve performance is 200-400 kg / hr.

It is important to know that the straw chopper is not designed for grinding straw at a humidity of more than 25%.

Characteristics of straw BEP-11

Engine power 11, 15, 18 kWt
Performance 300 kg / h. It depends on the type of material for grinding, the size of the product production, the state of the cutting blades and its humidity.
Sieve Size is set At the request of the customer.
Schroeder can cooperate with the cyclone.
fraction size 0.5 - 5 cm, it depends on the used sieve
type of drive Electric

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Mass: уточняйте при заказе g
Wattage: 11, 15, 18 kW
Productivity: 300.0 kg/h
Information is up-to-date: 22.06.2019
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